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My 2006 Narnian Trek [Aug. 21st, 2006|12:36 am]
Camp Narnia


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My Narnian Trek 2006

My Marshwiggles. Aren't they the coolest?

Well, I didn't end up getting my best case scenario... I only got one week of paid work... BUT I did get to see all my friends. Well, not ALL my friends. But the most important ones. And I saw everyone at some point. Whether at Staff Training or during a week. SO I guess I did pretty well.

I'm sure as hell not breaking down every week, but I will do summaries.

C3- July 23rd - July 29th

Well, I was more or less co-councilling with Ainsley, who is pictured somewhere low. The week was frustrating. For being still under someone's wing as a councillor was frustrating... but I was probably better for it. Here are my campers.


Yay Bin, Abee, Annalise and Taleea. Yes. Twins. Taleea always wore a necklace.
Yay Bin, Abee, Annalise and Taleea.

Morgan- The Most Irritating Child I have ever encountered in Narnia
Morgan (and her brother)

Now, random pictures. Hover to see what it is.

Random running campers in the cabin circle.

Bayley being Cool

Beach Kids

Adrian at the Beach

Children harrassing Crabs

Brownie and Youngins
On the left is my new friend Brownie. She is fantastic. I got really down one night about my role at camp and she made me cry until I laughed and then we burst into hysterics. She is great.

Bay and Paige at COAS

Arielle (LIP) at COAS

Payley and Baige. Pre-Beach

Hermits' House C3. A passable week.

Only one of them had been to camp before so it was a little like watching a bad TV movie and already knowing the ending. Still, I've seen worse cabins. No, the most annoying part of this week was that they weren't really MY campers. They were Ainsley's. I was still just a CIT. I felt like a camper... just a big retarded one. It was really frustrating. The week ended with a whimper, and not one camper thanked me at candle passing. T'was a little bitter, but that too did pass. Next, theatre week. MUCH more fun. The weeks only got better as I went along.

C4- July 30th - August 5th. Theatre Week

Well... I've never faced a more disorganised week at camp... but it was kind of a refreshing change. I got paired with a newbie councillor sowe were on even footing. We shared a group of pretty cool girls... but I don't have pictures of any of them. I was very sprarse on pictures this week.. perhaps because I was very busy. I choreographed a dance, which ended up not being such a huge disaster as I expected. Once again, there was relief when the week was over. Also, it bears emntioning that Jadis the White Which was cast to a girl in my cabin named Hayley. She was so cool. And so cute. She looked just like I imagine Jadis as a pre-teen... except Hayley had freckles. Which made her even cuter. Good little actress.

Of course, no child is happy when you tell them they are "A faun" in a major production. Not Tumnus, no. Just a faun. Not even a character with a name... which hurts when you want so badly to be Mrs. Beaver. This was Sabrina.

Also, there was Sierra, who is a fashion desginger in the making. She came to camp and the first thing she did, before even unpacking was to drop a sketchbook on my bed and say "Look at those, and I'm only 10." I opened it up to find she had skethced costumes for nearly every character. The beavers, the pevensies, the witch, you name it. She was a very cool kid. And very aware of herself. She was cast as "All-Purpose Evil" and Prequel Aslan. She did a very good job, despite the fact we didn't ahve the budget to use most of her desgins.

We also had a camper named Taya. Taya was kind of insecure, but she portrayed a Nyad very well. She was also in my dance. Yay Taya.

We also had one of the 3 Jades who appeared that week. She was very willowy and made a very lovely Dryad. Also in my dance. Woot for Jade.

Shania... well.. the most facinating thing about Shania was her name. Shania Little Mustache. Now, she was put into my cabin at the last minute so her info was scribbled on the bottom of my allergy sheet... so I wondered whether little mustache was a last name... or an unfortunate condition. As it turned out, it was a last name, and she was cast as a hag, and did a lovely job.

Sarah was a Fox. Sarah was shockingly normal for a Narnian Camper, even though she was two weeker... dunno what else to say about her.

Hayley was my favourite. Why? She was the White Witch.

Here. Some Theatre Week pictures.

A stressed out Adrian (Stage Manager) and what I think is a Teen Camper.

Some Pevensie kids at Tech Run

Statues in the Courtyard at Tech Run
Okay. I lied. Here is one of my campers. This is Sabrina, practicing to be frozen in the Witch's Courtyard.

This is Joel. Standing over Zola and half of Alaina. They were cast as mice and were in my dance.

The very last scene, and my very last picture.

And that's a rap.

C6- August 13th - August 19th. My First Week Ever as a solo councillor.

This is where the cool kids in my hook-in picture come into the tale. Those were my Marshwiggles. Now, initially, I was petrified to learn that I had Marshwiggles, because Marshwiggles are classically the youngest girl cabin, which would have meant OH GOD SIX YEAR OLDS. But rather than OH GOD SIX YEAR OLDS, I got Neat, Calm 10 year olds. Not only neat and calm, they were freaking awesome. Here. Look at this picture again.

They're just SO cool...

Anyway, there was nothing these girls would not try. I half-exoected little girly girls, but I took them to BMXing, I took them Rock CLImbing, I took them to Archery, and not only did they try it all, more often than not, they were GOOD at what they tried. Aja (below) suffered a pretty serious stinging nettle attack and after we smeared her leg in calomine lotion she got right back on the bike.

Aja- Pronounced Asia

Charlie MCing the Opening Campfire

Camille (Marshwiggle) Climbing

Boo (Marshwiggle) Climbing

Aja (Marshwiggle) Climbing

Julie (Marshwiggle) Climbing

Sarah (Marshwiggle) Climbing

DR (Darcy Rae) (Marshwiggle) Climbing

Sarah and Camille being cute at the Beach

DR in the Water at the Beach

Charlie impressing campers with knowledge
This is Charlie. Every beach trip we took, Charlie took his book, entitled "A Short History of Nearly Everything". Very scientific book.

This is Sean. Sean likes to Juggle.
This is Sean. Sean can ride a unicycle, and he juggles.

Agnes, our new camp director

Emma (Tumnus), Catharine and Victoria (LIPS)

Ainsley in the Play. There's a good story behind this picture...

Heather (The Lamp Post) and friends

Jesse being both creepy and evil

Jeff and Bax on Tacky Day

Courtenay (Councillor) and Lucas (LIP) on Tacky Day

My Tacky Shadow on Tacky Day

Mariah and Boo
These two are so cool. They are sisters. The older is Mariah. I was a CIT in her Cabin last summer. And this year, I got her younger sister, Rebecca, who I called Boo all week long. She asked me to call her Roo, and I accidentally called her Boo on the first day and it stuck all week long. The Wilkenson Sisters. Very cool.


Tacky Jeff at COAS

Sarah and Karen at Crepes (LIPS)

The dog that looked like Chowder.

And here he is again...

Look at his funny tail!!

A somewhat unattractive picture of Baxter

Me and Liz during the play. I'm the Robin.

So yeah, C6 was my favourite week. It was so nice to be free of reporting to a Co-Councillor everyday. And at candle passing, I was thanked by all but one of my campers... ironically, the one who didn't thank me was the emotionally stunted bedwetter who caused more trouble and annoyed me more than anyone else. And the worst part? She was a two-weeker. My friend Cat gets her this week.

And at the end of this week, I will attempt to get back to Camp for the staff party, but this is seeming less and less possible day by day... but I havn't given up hope yet.

Well, I guess that's about it.